It's the Greatest Sports Radio Show on the Planet

4 Dec December

Sponsored by - which is quite simply the best sports teamwear in Australia! Kit out your soccer club in Masita - you know it makes sense. It's officially the Greatest Sports Radio Show on the Planet. The greatest journey through sports has taken Beefy and Rob to some far flung places and crossed paths with some incredible people. With these experiences behind them, from the Ashes comes the 365 Days of Sport show. Regular segments include great sporting benders and now "So you want to be a World Champion". The boys have been signed by SEN in Australia to take the show Nationally!!! Media Greatness awaits. This week Beefy & Rob find the Worst Song in The World at the New York Yankees, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant get on the lash, they find the funniest names in the whole of sport and they preview the richest dog race on the planet, The Melbourne Cup.